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Services and Products




Additive Manufacturing for Medical Applications Limited (AMMA) is providing a wide range of 3D printing services in medical applications, engineering design, and customer preference product design. We are able to produce ultra-smooth super fine detailed products with our world-class facilities and equipment.


Services and Products

We design and fabricate customized medical models and dental products for various marketing, training, teaching and treatment planning purposes. We provide an innovative and practical approach to the users who can adopt our medical solutions to effectively setup their treatment plans and training models tutorials.



- Solutions for medical applications

- Sales of medical training models and products

- Design and 3D printing service

- Reverse engineering service

- Ultimate 3D printing service with a variety of texture material selection



Jaw models

- Tooth models

- Scanned mockup models

- Customized surgical guides

- Standard educational models

- Training model tutorials

- Personal preference design products